FG Wilson sells gensets, diesel and gas generator sets, diesel genset, energy producing gensets, gas genset, electric power. FG Wilson Miami. We are a genset manufacturer, industrial generator and diesel generator manufacturer.
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With more than 30 years of experience, and clients in 180 countries, FG Wilson is the foremost name in generators today. Our enclosed gensets are built to the highest quality and engineering standards, providing you with an attractive, ultra-reliable power source that can be installed in a few hours at the location of your choice.

We manufacture more than 30 standard models and have just the right generator to meet your needs – and we have specialists prepared to discuss your power and performance needs to ensure you select the best unit for your needs.

When you decide to order an FG Wilson genset, you can go through your local trusted dealer, an independent agent, or order directly through the factory.

We build more than 33,000 generators a year and regularly refine our gensets based on customer feedback and practical information gained in the field. Our international experience – from the Amazon to Antarctica -- means we’ve found creative answers to every imaginable genset-related problem.

Whatever generator you buy, you can expect it will last at least 15 years. When you buy an FG Wilson, you’re not just buying a machine, but a trusted company that will be around to help you for the life of your generator.

When you order an FG Wilson, we’ll put our experience to work for you.

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