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Should I install my generator inside or outside?

Most FG Wilson genset models are housed in an attractive, noise-reducing casing, and can be installed outside safely and easily in just a few hours. Unlike many generators, our gensets aren’t an eyesore. In fact, in their simplicity and appearance, they’re more like household appliances than industrial machines. The white, weather-protected metal housing needn’t be hidden from public view. In fact it isn’t unusual for clients to install their FG Wilson gensets right in front of their home or business.

Keeping your genset outside also means installation will be quicker and easier. You won’t incur the expense of designing and building a special generator room or take up existing valuable “real estate” in your home or business. And you won’t have to worry about noise, improper airflow, or any other unexpected “after the fact” problems that can occur even after the most careful planning.

Enclosed in it’s own custom housing, your FG Wilson genset will provide many hours of power at an optimal level.

Also keep in mind that you can safely fuel and service your self-contained FG Wilson genset without concern for your family or business staff. Finally, should you ever move or remodel, relocating your generator will be convenient and easy.

Although we recommend our enclosed generators for nearly every application, we also offer “open” gensets for customers who prefer an unenclosed unit for inside installation.

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