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Will my genset be noisy?

All generators produce three types of noise that must be controlled to keep the overall noise level to a minimum.

Of the three -- exhaust noise, engine noise and air flow noise – air flow noise is the most difficult to control. With that in mind, all FG Wilson gensets feature a custom-designed housing to provide maximum noise control.

Enclosed in its special housing, your FG Wilson will perform, even under the most rugged conditions, more quietly than other generators. Quiet, reliable performance, is the result of FG Wilson’s 30+ year long commitment to producing the world’s best gensets.

Keep in mind that your standby genset will only be used on occasion, and usually for limited periods of time. Still, with the “noise factor” in mind, consider the location of your nearest neighbor when deciding where to install your genset.

What happens if I have a technical problem with my genset?

Since every FG Wilson generator is designed for easy use and is factory-tested, most every problem can be solved with a phone call -- and without the need for on-site service.

Should on-site assistance be necessary, a local factory trained service representative will be able to solve the problem.

Also, if you have a building maintenance engineer or other appropriate staff person, you can take advantage of basic maintenance and troubleshooting training we offer several times per year.

In reality, FG Wilson gensets experience few problems. And when they do, you’re not on your own. Whether you seek help through your local FG Wilson distributor or straight from the factory, we’ll solve your problem and have you up and running in no time.

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