FG Wilson sells gensets, diesel and gas generator sets, diesel genset, energy producing gensets, gas genset, electric power. FG Wilson Miami. We are a genset manufacturer, industrial generator and diesel generator manufacturer.
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What’s involved in ensuring reliable and extended performance?

Taking care of a generator is no more difficult than doing basic preventative maintenance on your car. Under normal standby conditions, an FG Wilson genset needs little more than an oil and filter change every 250 hours of runtime or once a year, whichever comes first.

The other key aspect to keeping your genset in good running order is to ‘exercise’ it each month for 15 minutes.

With a little ‘exercise’ and a brief quarterly inspection of fluid levels, battery, electrical connections and other key components, you can be certain that your genset will be ready to get you through an emergency.

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What’s involved in ensuring reliable and extended performance?

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