FG Wilson sells gensets, diesel and gas generator sets, diesel genset, energy producing gensets, gas genset, electric power. FG Wilson Miami. We are a genset manufacturer, industrial generator and diesel generator manufacturer.
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What are the logistics of purchasing and receiving a generator?

You can buy an FG Wilson genset through your local dealer or order it directly from our Miami-based regional office.

If your local dealer doesn’t stock the genset you want, they’ll order it for you, or you may wish to order directly through the regional office. (link?)

Should your local dealer not have the genset you want in stock, all of our more than 30 standard gensets are available in Miami and typically arrive at any country in the Caribbean or Latin America one to two weeks after you place your order.

Who will organize the shipment?

We can ship directly to your local dealer who can deliver and install it for you. Alternatively, we can ship to your dealer (or no farther than your homeport, if you prefer) for pick-up. Or perhaps you want to ship your genset on a container you already have coming from Miami. No problem. We’ll gladly accommodate most any special shipping request or arrangement.

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What are the logistics of purchasing and receiving a generator?

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